Americans Time Off, Millennials, and Rewards Travel Credit Cards

As I listened to the morning show on my way to work last week, the radio show hosts discussed a report that was recently released regarding how U.S. citizens receive significantly less vacation time than any other developed country; as it stands right now, the average American receives two paid vacation weeks a year (a […]

Rejection and Rachel’s Obligation

This week, Rachel on The Bachelorette will essentially have rejected all but one “last man standing”. In preparation for this week’s episode, I’ve been contemplating: how much explanation DOES one owe when instigating a break up? Let’s back track a few years ago. I once had this boyfriend who called me one day on the phone and […]

“The Book of Ruth”, and the Truth of People

“The Book of Ruth” by Jane Hamilton is a raw, harrowing, and yet, addictive tale of a young girl, Ruth, growing up in the small town of Honey Creek, Illinois, with an extremely dysfunctional family, with an intent to see the world for all its beauties, despite its disappointments and realities. Hamilton writes in first person […]

Doin’ The Yoga Thing

Today marks my 60th class in my yoga teacher training. While there is a year deadline to complete all 60 classes, I wanted to witness what it was like to do the yoga thing, live the yoga life, so I committed my schedule with all things yoga, to see what doing the yoga thing would […]

The Elimination Cleanse

A few years ago, I had this really bad habit of eating a hearty breakfast, and then grabbing a marshmallow as I ran out the door, and by 9 AM, I was STARVING. As I shared this with our science teacher, she told me that was because marshmallows are simple sugars that our bodies break […]

Fate & Furies, Starring “Mathilde Yoder”

I absolutely loved Lauren Groff’s novel, Fate and Furies. It runs right in line with the same themes of loneliness and relationships (much like my favorite novel, The Transit of Venus) that I’ve been ruminating on for some time. As a contemporary piece, the novel runs right in line with the trending themes of this contemporary movement: […]

Robert Dunn & Britany Ederveen Answering Relationship Questions

Hi Readers, In case you have missed the sound of my voice, I spoke as a guest on Robert Dunn’s podcast tonight. Our conversation stemmed around how many of our misunderstandings occur due to miscommunication (you know, because guys are practical and girls are emotional). My favorite part was when Robert speaks about the diamond […]

The Creation and Re-Creation of Memory

What sets humans apart from other species is our cognitive abilities–our abilities to think, to forgive, to make decisions, to remember. Memory, within itself, like ideas and emotions, is abstract–something intangible, something we cannot see, and so we try to find ways to capture memory, and how memory is constructed (the Modernists conduct ‘steam of […]

What the Church Gets Right in Training for Marriage

The two most “shocking” trends that everyone seems adamant about diagnosing in regards to Millennials are (A) Why are Millennials getting married later and later, and (B) why are fewer Millennials attending church? Perhaps the two are correlated to each other; since fewer Millennials are going to church, and being trained in the Church’s equation […]