Have you ever been in a yoga class and the instructor says, “We will spend the next five minutes in a silent meditation where you can be alone with your own thoughts”, and you think you must be broken, because during those five minutes,the “meditative” thoughts that come up include (but are not limited to): […]

Are Apologies Selfish?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the thoughts occupying my mind during the COVID-19 pandemic certainly have not been about “creating my 10 year plan to be a self starter” or about “the 10 resolutions I’m pleading to take to live a healthier lifestyle” or honestly, even how I can learn to […]

Creativity: When the Limit Does Exist

Every year, instead of setting a New Years’ Resolution, I set a sankalpa (you can read about why I set Sankalpas here). In short, rather than setting a goal that I am doomed to fail at, setting a sankalpa allows me to explore a concept or an intention–to understand how it impacts my world, to […]

Living in a Deficit

Deficit: the amount by which something is too small  When all of this CO-VID 19 stuff starting coming out, and things started shutting down and getting cancelled, the general reaction seemed to be, “I’ve been robbed of MY vacation”, “MY birthday has been taken from ME”, “The concert/festival/conference has been unfairly confiscated from ME”. While […]

‘What is that book about?’…

I’m currently reading Gone So Long by Andre Dubus. What is that book about?, you may be tempted to ask. Well, I could say that the book is about a guy who murdered his young wife out of jealousy and, now on his own deathbed, is trying to reconnect with this adult daughter. But, I feel […]

Let’s Lighten the Loads, Y’All

I’ve been debating whether or not I wanted to write something about COVID-19, mostly for the mere fact that I feel, since the whole world is closed, the only thing we talk about, read about, think about, see about IS Coronavirus, and it seems that EVERYONE has their own little thing to say about it–“I’m […]

What (I Hope) To Leave in My 20's

A strange thing has happened to me in the last six months as I’ve approached 30. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this experience, but I’m often awakened at night, dreaming of a situation that occurred, or as I’m going throughout my day, a flashback of a situation drifts into my mind, or […]

Hello Fresh & Some Grievances to My Fellow Millennials

A few months ago, as my boyfriend and I were moving out of our apartment, and we found our fridge barren, we decided to use one of those coupon codes to order a box of Hello Fresh. You know, the kind of meal service which promises to replace the inconvenience of selecting recipes, trekking to […]