‘Does Jesus Really Love Me?’ by Jeff Chu

Sometimes, I read books and wonder WHY they were even on the bestseller’s list (such as ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ by JD Vance), and sometimes I read books and wonder why they WEREN’T on the best seller’s list; Jeff Chu’s ‘Does Jesus Really Love Me?: A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America’ was one […]

Happily Never After Update: Meet Mike

I have a bit of a confession to make. For the last few years, I’ve been writing all this stuff about ‘relationships’ and ‘dating’ and ‘being single’, and to be quite honest, it was all speculation and theory; I didn’t know if “Prepping for Prince Charming” was actually a real thing, or if it was […]

The Simulacra of Death in ‘This is Us’

Simulacra: (noun) an image or a representation of something Has anyone else been choked up all week, after watching ‘This is Us’? While often a difficult concept to accurately capture, how perfectly did ‘This is Us’ represent death in ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ and ‘The Car’? I remember going to church the day after my grandpa […]

The Problem with Stories of Conflict, and Stories of Dullness

I’m currently reading “The Nix” by Nathan Hill (which is a humorous tale about a kid with a traumatic childhood). As I’m reading about Samuel’s messed up past (his mom abandoned him, he had a weird childhood friend who potentially crossed some lines, a student that is out to get him fired, his unfulfilled potential), […]

Is ‘Shameless’ Anti-Christian?

Although I’m a little apprehensive to admit, my newest Netflix addiction is ‘Shameless’; I wanted to mention an episode of ‘Shameless’ in my Bible study discussion last week, and went through an internal struggle as to if it were appropriate to mention such a show in a holy place. The question to be deliberated: Is […]

Why You Should Date a Former Boy Scout

When you hear the word “Boy Scout”, the image of a super nerdy pack of boys, all dressed in matching khaki outfits, sitting around a campfire and discussing brands of Swiss Army Knives and the newest flavor of freeze dried food R.E.I just distributed. In high school, dating a Boy Scout might have degraded you […]

In Curating a Bucket List

When I was 23 (and newly dumped), I thought about this new frontier of life that was now open to me (the one where I wasn’t constrained to being a stay at home wife),  I sat down to write a bucket list, which included: finish graduate school (check), write a book (check), do yoga teacher […]

What We, Americans, Can Learn from the Germans

Anytime I take a European adventure, I find myself standing in some city center, realizing just how American I am: I love my beverages cold, the accessibility my car gives me to go anywhere at any time I want, my very large and excess Queen sized bed, all the face lotions and different types of […]

The State of Peace

The past 27 years of my life consisted of the following events: graduate school, graduate college, graduate grad school; apply to college, apply to grad school, apply for jobs; interview for jobs, work a job, find a second job, find a third job; go to dance practice, go to dance performances, coach the dance team; […]

Why I Love Yoga People

1. No one cares what you wear: There are certainly some work out facilities that require a whole beauty routine before even entering the parking lot; you must put on your foundation, your lip gloss, make sure your shoes are matching your tight booty-shorts, your hair is just perfectly flowing out of your head band. […]