Stuff My Family Does…


I really have to preface these posts with the idea that I love my family very much. We are a little chaotic, very dysfunctional, but overall, I do not believe I would be the person I am today without the triumphs and tribulations we have gone through together. We always remind ourselves to not take things too seriously and to laugh at some of the circumstances.

Today, I get a call from my older sister, who is now living back at my mom’s house. She can’t find my mom and there is dinner cooking on the stove (see attached). I should also remind you that my mom is VERY Irish and inhibits all of those VERY Irish traits. A couple years ago, it was snowing and, like tonight, we could not find my mom. However, we looked outside and lone behold, we see her footprints leading down the sidewalk. And, I might also add, due to her Irishness, they were not straight footprints to say the least. So anyways, my sister can’t find my mom and there is dinner burning on the stove. She looks outside the window and what does she see? My mom, in her most Irish state, “walking” the St. Bernard “puppy” up the street. Yes, despite the fact that Max has a very nice sized backyard, he could not wait for dinner to be done cooking and my mom had to take him out to poop. My mom is about 5’2″, and especially in her Irish state, I highly doubt much walking was actually happening. This is also the same dog who broke down an entire apple tree and drags the trunk, leaves, branches, and all, across the backyard.


Yup, nothing surprises me anymore.

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