Social Media

Although maybe not the MOST important, but relevant lesson I learned at a Ponderosa Pom, is to screen my social media page. I think social media has caused us to forget our boundaries and what potential consequences might be. I had this big talk with my seniors at the beginning of the semester. Although we spend a lot of time trying to deconstruct stereotypes and pre-conceived notions, our brains ARE wired to judge, stereotype, and organize things into schemas. Social media is just another way to do this. Just the other day, I had a situation in my department where a student posted a Facebook status about a teacher and a multitude of students confronted the teacher about it. I think the girl forgot that, while Facebook is privacy of speech, people make judgments and opinions about your based on what you post. In this girl’s case, I think her ultimate goal was to vent and get support from fellow classmates. In the end, however, everyone looked a little less favorably on her because of what she had posted. You can’t ever erase what you have posted online so you always have to be conscience and preventative. It is better to post nothing at all than to post something that might tarnish your reputation that you have worked so diligently to uphold. 

(Oh the irony in the fact that I am posting about filtering comments online…)

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