Instagramming Away!

Tis the season for weddings. And bar-be-ques. And late night ice cream runs. And concerts.

I went to watch 4th of July fireworks with my sister. The family next to us spent the entire time trying to capture the perfect picture of them with the fireworks in the background.

I also work at a golf course and see at least one wedding every week. So think about it. The groom’s men spent $150-$200 on a tux. It is so uncomfortable that they want to wear it as little as possible. So, seconds before the ceremony, they throw on their jackets. They do the ceremony thing, take the pictures, and then strip AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

In my dance team days, we spent so much time taking pictures of ourselves. When we went to nationals, we basically spent the entire trip capturing funny faces in every single setting: Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Rock N Roller Coaste,r, etc. I probably have about 1200 pictures on my Facebook dedicated to dance team. 

Why is it so important to us to take pictures of every little thing we do? Girls need to document every meal they make, every outfit they pick out, every place they go. I think part of this is because we want to show off to other people. We want other people to know that our lives are way more exciting than they really are (because face it, if you have all that time to take pictures, then you aren’t doing other things). 

I think we spend so much time worrying about preserving the moment that we forget to actually enjoy the moment. The family at fireworks spent so much time trying to take a picture that they couldn’t enjoy what was actually happening. At weddings, we spent so much time, stressing over looking perfect, having the perfect hair and make up, dresses, poses, etc. that we forget what we are actually coming together to celebrate. 

I think, as a culture, we need to slow down and start enjoying more of the moments, instead of worrying whether this will make a good prof pic or not…

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