My Happy Playlist

A few weeks ago, I posted a playlist of songs that I often listen to when I need a good cry. This week, I thought it was only fair to post a playlist of songs that I listen to when I need a pump up. I think music has a unique quality to speak, through melodies and lyrics, to us and change our entire ambiance. This tradition started when I was in high school, thanks to my high school dance coach, and I have slowly added songs since. As a superstitious athlete, I had a routine where I would go sit in a corner by myself and listen to some of these songs in a prescribed order. Each one had a special purpose that helped motivate me. When I began interviewing for jobs, I listened to an updated playlist. And now, I often listen to these songs on my way to school in the morning to energize myself for the long day ahead. Of course, I update this playlist; I delete songs when I have heard them too often and they lose their special meaning and I add songs if I have a special connection. And, when I know of a co-worker or friend needing a pick-me-up, I go straight to my iTunes and burn them my Glee playlist.

My Happy Playlist

Landslide by Dixie Chicks/Fleetwood Mac: This song has special magical qualities. If you have ever observed a bunch of teenage girls, you might notice how energetic and chaotic they can be. On my team, I play this song for them and everyone immediately calms down and sings along; it causes people to enter in some kind of trance; everyone slows down what they are doing, starts swaying a little, and softly sings the lyrics to the song. So, whenever I need to calm down and focus, or feel the need to be grounded, I listen to this song. It’s amazing.

Find Yourself by Brad Paisley: I think this song is also on my sad playlist, but I just get a tiny bit emotional whenever I listen to it. I think about Madar. It reminds me of this journey we call life, and although we may find ourselves in someplace we did not expect to be, something better is on it’s way if we are just patient.

Texas Was You by Jason Aldean: I really just love singing to this song (of course, only in my car, by myself, where no one else can hear me…)

All Kinds of Kinds by Miranda Lambert: Miranda just reminds us that we all come from different places, different experiences, different perspectives, but that we have to remember we all are people.

Walking in Memphis by Lonestar: On the plane to nationals one year, I for some reason got this song stuck in my head. But, of course, I had all the lyrics incorrect. As we were getting ready to perform in finals, this song came on and I immediately knew it was a sign. And, we ended up taking 4th place that year. So, it has a little bit of a superstitious quality to it.

When Daddy Let Me Drive by Alan Jackson: This is one I added this summer. It is another song about growing up and going through this journey of life. My sister and I went to Cheyenne Frontier Days and heard Alan Jackson play this song. I had a brilliant idea to spin her around. She proceeded to bang her knee on the bleachers and dislocate it. Oops. So, whenever I heard this song, I always send her a recording to remind her of these happy times.

Wake Me Up by Avicii: I just like to sing to this one. It has been the first thing I listen to on my way to school for the last three weeks.

Upside Down by Jack Johnson: When I was in high school, my first boyfriend broke up with me and I was devastated (um, but clearly see now why that happened…). I heard this song on the radio and knew that everything was going to be ok. So, naturally, I played it over and over again and continue to play it over and over again when I want to listen to something that is just going to put a smile on my face.

Everything by Michael Buble: I always love a little Michael Buble: romantic, optimistic, and festive. He reminds us of the kind of love we deserve to be in, has a beautiful voice, and lightens up my mood every time I hear this song.

The Blue Umbrella by Jon Brion: Ok, so if you saw Monsters University, this was the song in the short at the beginning, with the blue umbrellas. I think the song itself is refreshing.

Let’s Go Crazy by Prince: As my dad says, everything Prince sings about is dirty, but I happen to think this song gives off energy and I always find myself doing huge facials as I sing along (Yes, I am probably that girl you laugh at). It’s all about having a good time and enjoying yourself.

Taking Chances by Céline Dion: The song is about taking a leap of faith. As a person that always wants to be in control and find the logic behind everything, this song reminds me that sometimes we do not know the answers to everything and that sometimes we just have to let life take it’s course. Plus, any Céline Dion song is fun to belt out those long, powerful notes.

Will You Be There? by Michael Jackson: This is the song from Free Willy, which used to be my sibling and I’s favorite movie when we were growing up. Likewise, I am not really sure what the lyrics of the song ever says, but there are just a lot of sounds and “oooooh”ing, which alludes to a very happy song.

Can you think of any songs I should add?

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