…Is It Thanksigiving Break Yet?….

It has definitely been a struggle to get up and go to work the last couple of weeks. There is something to be said about the human circadian rhythm; Thanksgiving break is a week later this year and I can definitely feel the anxiety and jittery-ness in the air. The kids all give me blank stares, are engaging in behaviors I have never seen before (and probably never want to see again), leaving stuff all over the floor (why does it have to be lame stuff, like candy wrappers and broken pencils, and not something cool, like a $25 gift card to Starbucks?) and have no concept of “We are watching a movie today because I don’t want to talk to you so please don’t come by my desk and ask me a million questions. And in fact, I am not even going to grade the worksheet I gave you today so I don’t really care how much you write on it.”

I know that we all have weeks like this (for me, it has been the last two weeks), so today, I thought I would post a few things I have been doing for myself to make it a little more bearable.

1. Blast pump up music on my way to school: Yes, just like an athlete, I created a playlist of music that will pump me into a better mood. I crank that bass and roll into the parking lot in style. The playlist varies every day. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up to a very degrading text message, so I turned on some Michael Buble, who is so carefree and joyful. Last week, I put Avicii on repeat and this week, the trend has been Dixie Chicks. It is a natural caffeine.

2. Admire the majestic views (also on my way to school–I have really had to motivate myself these last few weeks): I live about 30 minutes away from school, which can seem like a drive at some times. But, luckily, I only hit traffic on Mainstreet in Parker (which takes me approximately 4 minutes to get through). My entire drive to school is looking at the mountains that are slowly beginning to be dusted with snow. And, when I leave at 6:30, the sun is just coming up, so my drive to work is watching the pinks and oranges fade into blue.

3. Pack myself a really delicious lunch: There is nothing more delightful than spending the morning, anticipating what I have to eat for lunch. Lately, it has been pizza rolls, which, although probably very bad for me and not nutritious at all, have definitely gotten me through the morning. And, the lunch room is often my favorite part of my entire day. My colleagues are some of the best forms of entertainment for my day. I often leave with my stomach muscles hurting from laughing so hard.

4. Wear something I feel good in: Some days (which has been more often than not), I have resorted to wearing jeans. Some days, when I know it is going to be a really miserable day, I might wear a cute skirt or top or super sparkley necklace to perk myself up. Superficial, yes, but these days, I have to take whatever I can get!

5.Google Chatting: Some days, the only thing that gets me through is looking for the little green “chat on” button from some of my best friends at school. I could not get through the day without Google chatting them and finding out what is going on in other classrooms.

6. And, when all else fails, know that there is a very great probability that I will be coming home to my sister in her cow print footie pajamas. Or, multiple pictures of my other sister’s dogs, dressed up in Halloween costumes. Or, my room mates having a competition to see who can make the fireplace hottest and having our living room 88 degrees.

…Is it Thanksgiving break yet?…

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