Thank You, Viewers.


Today doesn’t mark my “1,000,000th view” or my “100th blog post” or my “200th follower”. In fact, my blog has only seen 1,983 views in the last seven months that I have been writing on it. And, I would say about half of those views are from the same three people that I peer pressure into reading it. My blog has about 12 comments on it, of five of those are from my mom and three are my responses to my mom.

But, those statistics are not really that important to me. Honestly, I am not sure I could keep up with hundreds of comments and thousands of hits a day. If I just get one outside person to view my blog a day, I feel it is a success, because I hopefully have implanted and spread my ideas to someone else’s social circle. As a teacher, that is my primary goal–to spark discussion. I could careless if you agree or disagree with my observations. In fact, I would probably encourage you to disagree, because that forces me to consider someone else’s perspective. I ask my sister for critiques all the time and often go in to amend pieces based on her feedback.

I had to start a blog last summer for a couple of reasons. I used to keep a journal that I wrote in every night during high school. When I got into college and my first job, I found myself writing papers, e-mails, letters of recommendation, etc. that the last thing I wanted to do was write more. First, which is actually very selfish, I was in a huge disagreement with an individual that would not talk to me. So, being the extroverted, purged and cleanse kind of person that I am, I had to get it out. So I started writing. The more I wrote, the more thoughts that popped into my head. My sister and I would be sitting on the couch at 11 PM during the summer and I would start sharing my life revelations with her. And, of course, as any good sister would do, she would stare blankly back at me and say, “Britany, I don’t really care. I am too tired to think about it”. So, I started writing and forcing her to read my blog posts when she was in a better mental state (and a better mood).

I read recently somewhere that said one of the biggest mistakes 20somethings do is let their brains go numb (Perhaps this article is what gave me this idea: The ages between 18-25 are crucial for adult development, so it is important, as a 20something to continue stimulating your brain to avoid losing some of those very important cognitive functions. I can totally see why this is dangerous and often have fallen into the trap myself. Most of us have spent the last 18 years in school that, post-college, we don’t want to learn anymore. We don’t want to read anymore books, write anymore papers, figure out anymore theorems. Our brains are exhausted, so we start turning to brain numbing activities, such as spending our free time playing video games, drinking, watching mindless television shows.

So, I am using this blog to prevent myself from being trapped in some of these dangerous habits. It really has changed my life and caused me to be more aware of the world around me. I am always looking for things to write about, so I am always analyzing situations, observing, researching and trying to make conclusions. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, I will have an idea pop into my head and have to immediately go to my blog to write about it before it goes away. It has been a very magical experience. I refresh my stats probably five times a day and it is almost more exciting than seeing a Facebook notification pop up (please ask the people I eat lunch with! They hear all about it). I feel very fortunate to have those views from other countries and know that what I am saying is extending outside of my white-suburbia bubble. I never know who is sitting behind their computer screen, reading, and what their reaction to my posts are. I don’t know who you are, how you got to my blog, and if you will even come back again, but I want to thank you for taking the time to read today.

Today, I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped make my blog an “international hit”. Someday, I hope to write it all in a book and I hope that you gain something, whether it be a new idea, a discovery about yourself and your beliefs, or just a small chuckle through reading my thoughts about the world at large.

Thank you, WordPress community.

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