The Critically Acclaimed Reviews of ‘Happily Never After’

If you are wondering to yourself, should I, or should I not, pick up a copy of Happily Never After? Let these readers persuade you:

“It’s honestly taken me a long time to get through because I have had to stop and reflect.”
This is EXACTLY what I intended to happen. I wrote it from my perspective; obviously I am not a pHD in breaking up and relationships, but I am an expert in myself, and I didn’t want it to come off too preachy, so I wanted to talk about myself in hopes that something in my story would resonate with you.

“It is interesting, that is for sure! Most dating books on the market are about dating disaster stories but this one is more about the cognitive and emotional processes involved. You really root for Princess Britany to find her Prince Charming!”
When doing my research, I saw a TON of books about grief and loss, written by your typical pHD’s, which is great, because sometimes you do need research to back you up. But sometimes you really just need to know what you are experiecing is perfectly normal, and a pHD can’t always give that to you. On the other hand, there are A TON of books out there about dating disasters, and those are great for entertainment, but there really isn’t anything like Happily Never After.

“As I was reading, I started crying, because it reminded me of a break up I went through 15 years ago”
This is a perfect statement as well, because, while my target audience is 20-Somethings, I also just think there is something universal to being human, and no matter what life stage you are in, you can relate to these issues of grief and identity.

“I really like how it includes not just 20-Something break up stuff, but also just some good life lessons.”
If I were to sum up the book in one word, I would say ‘wisdom’. Its really taking everything I have learned and putting it in the context of a relationship. Although our relationships with grief and loss are always different, our worlds are always shaken up, our perceptions of ourselves are always changed, and we always have to find a way to re-orient ourselves in the world.

“I am going to recommend this to my friend who is contemplating getting a divorce to her husband whom she has been married to for 10 years.”
I am so happy to hear this as well. I can’t tell you how many people I run into who share similar stories of just being in these bad relationships, whether they are married or not married, and this is definitely serving as part of my target audience.

“I like it but not sure about some of the song playlists….”
That is just fine–you can skip whatever you want, read whatever you want. The book is really about a journey, and perhaps there is part of the journey that doesn’t serve you, and in that case, you can skip it. What I thought was really cool, when I went back through my blog posts, was that you can SEE my emotional states matching the posts; you can see me being angry, and sad, and betrayed, and I put them in italics so you can read, or you can not read; your choice. But, my goal in adding these was to explain why I choose those songs; obviously yours will be completely different.

“There were definitely some things that I didn’t agree with her on but there is some solid advice in this book.”
That’s great, because there are some things I wouldn’t necessarily agree with anymore either. But, my goal was to get some kind of conversation started. I believe, as a society, we do not talk about these issues. We pretend they do not exist but if we do not deal with them, some pretty detrimental things could present themselves. Let me know what you don’t agree with–I am always happy to hear feedback and I do love public opinion!

“I remember breaking up with my first love and would have benefited from knowing I wasn’t alone in feeling all of those complicated emotions!”
I wish I would have had someone who told me you are going to feel angry. You are going to feel betrayed. You are going to feel cheated, lied to, used. And, I wish I would have had someone to tell me that so much beauty comes in the suffering, because in suffering, we gain perspective, appreciation, and wisdom. Had someone told me these things, I would have known from the very beginning that I was going to be just fine; in fact, better than I was before, if all I had to do was tread through the muck.

“I am relating to this so much right now! My boyfriend and I recently broke up and everything in here is so true!”
While I do love hearing people’s love stories, I also love hearing people’s break up stories, because I find that they are all so similar.

“I noticed a typo”.
Great! Let me know! Part of writing the book was learning to forgive myself. I can tell you the book went through a plethora of edits, both from myself and others, but at the end of the day, nothing is ever perfect and there is bound to be something mistyped. The kind of cool thing about Amazon publishing is you can upload a new draft.

“I really like that it is so psychology based that I can related to and find interesting even though I am not a 20-Something going through a break up.”
While I do not have a pHD, I DO know a plethora about grief and loss. My degree is partially in psychology and I spent a good amount of time in a research internship in college at a grief and loss center. So yes, I do know a thing or two about psychology.

Convinced? Pick up your copy: Happily Never After

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