Goals for 25

Goals are SO important for us, because they require us to continue growing as people. Since writing Happily Never After, I have updated my goals to the following

Publish my book: Check.

Visit all Colorado CorePowers: I really like structure, and I really like variety. I have my routine three yoga classes a week I never miss (actually my room mates tell me I am not allowed to miss them), so I made a goal to visit all other CorePowers. I think it’s important to shake things up once in a while; find a new spot on the floor, practice with your contacts out (or, in my case, one in and one out), meet new people, experience the world in different ways. The great thing about yoga is every teacher is different, and every class is different, so there is something to be learned no matter which class or studio you attend. Even if the class is slow and painful, that is still an opportunity for you to work on your mental game. So far, I can cross three more CorePowers off my list (but I still have a LONG ways to go).

Take singing lessons: I am used to being really good at everything I do. This is partially because I only put myself in activities that I know I will excel in, partially because I am a perfectionist, and partially because I am a workaholic. Someone once told me that I should purposefully enter myself into an activity that I do not necessarily excel at, so that I can learn failure. For me, this is definitely singing. Everyone knows Britany Ederveen’s favorite reason to go to church is to sing the songs, and everyone knows that no one wants to be around her when she does so.

Travel to The Netherlands: Surprisingly, with all of my travels, I have never been to my family’s homeland. I think traveling is SO important for the soul, and it was not until I stepped off the aeroplane in Dublin that I understood my Irish heritage. My family is 50% Dutch (my grandparents literally came from The Netherlands), and it has always been my goal to visit their place of existence, and the town of Ederveen.

Cook one new thing a week: I am still working on this goal, and it definitely falls by the wayside on my busy weeks, but since I am still prepping for that Prince Charming, I am still working on my cooking skills. And hey, I haven’t burnt anything in a while.

Read the books on my shelf: At the beginning of every summer break, I take a trip to the used book store, meander around, and pull down titles of books I have heard of, but haven’t read yet. We do not have cable at my house (which I love), so reading usually becomes my substitute for late night t.v. shows. I love reading because it transports me to other worlds, teaches me about other lifestyles, and helps me to learn a little more about myself.

Finish my graduate degree: I am very competitive, and I like races, so when I first began my graduate degree, I felt this urge to finish it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I needed to beat out all those other ‘competitors’ so that I could be on top. However, as I began taking classes, I realized just how much I LOVED being in school, and while it took me a while to accept, I realized that I wanted to stay in school for as long as possible, which meant prolonging my graduation status another semester or so. I have taken some AWESOME classes, met some PHENOMENAL people. My teaching has significantly improved, my view of the world altered, and my I.Q. a few points higher. While I will be sad to see it go, I also know that school will never be too far out of my view…

Do something nice for someone else once a week: I started this when Simon and I first broke up, and have carried that tradition into my Year 25. Doing nice things for other people makes me feel better, whether that is picking up coffee for someone else, doing someone a favor. And, if I get to the end of my week and I haven’t done something nice, I make it a point to write a thank you card. It’s amazing how habits find themselves silently in our lives, and while I had to consciously think about doing something nice when I first started the goal, it’s now something second nature.

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