30 Days of ‘Happily Never After’


In honor of Happily Never After‘s one month anniversary, I am putting it on Amazon for FREE download today and tomorrow. Before I continue, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my readers! When I first conceived of Happily Never After, I wasn’t quite sure how it would go, and hearing all of your own break up stories has affirmed that this is, in fact, a topic that needs to be discussed. I love hearing all of your stories of your own loves-fallen-apart, the ways in which my story is making you re-consider your own, and about the writing process. Keep those questions coming!

If you haven’t noticed, the last 30 days have been devoted towards one blog post a day that relates to the book. Here’s the month in retrospect:

Week 1: How Publishing a Book is Like Finding a Husband: Happily Never After and My Journey to Publishing, Introducing the Players & Pawns of ‘Happily Never After’: Brittny, The Extended Story of ….And Then There Was Simon…, The Kairotic Moment that is ‘Happily Never After’, The Marketing Plan for ‘Happily Never After’, The Spiritual Journey that is ‘Happily Never After’, The Cultural Phenomenon of Ghosting and Why I Might Intentionally Ghost You

Week 2: #ReclaimDating: Why You’ll Find Me on Tinder, The Players & Pawns of My Very Own Existential Crisis, Preferences, as Exposed by ‘Happily Never After’, 5 Things I Have Learned Since Publishing ‘Happily Never After’, Sneak Peek: Prepping for Prince Charming, To Have and To Hold Forevermore: 5 Pieces of Wedding Planning Advice for the Anxiety Ridden, How Writing a Book is Also Like Choreographing a Dance,

Week 3: The Woman Who Wasn’t There, Jesus’ Resurrection, and ‘George Eliot’, “Don’t Let Him Have Control Over You”, Issues, and Non Issues, The Target Audience of ‘Happily Never After’, Deleted Scene from ‘Happily Never After’: The Preface, So You Want to Date Me, Eh? The Trick to Passing My Test, Cognitive Shifting, in 3 Easy Steps

Week 4: Marriage Statistics are Stacked Against Me, Critically Acclaimed Reviews of ‘Happily Never After’, Beyond ‘Happily Never After’: Rebuilding My Friend Circle, 3 Additions to Happily Never After, Prepping for Book #2, Distinctly Colorado Things, My Political Affiliations

Week 5: “He’s handsome, successful, good with kids–what’s wrong with him?”, Goals for 25, “I’m 25, and Divorced”

Why I like this new title of being ‘author’? For one, its hard work. Anyone who has ever sat down to try and write a book means it’s no easy task. It takes dedication, persistence, and accepting of a lot of criticisms from other people, and I love seeing my hard work physically represented. I like that I can share my story behind my writing, and still be able to keep some anonymity out in the community. The great thing about being an author, versus like an InstaGram celebrity, is that, while everyone knows about your personal details, people may not necessarily recognize you out in the concrete jungle. I mean, no one YET has run up and asked to take a #selfie with me (but it has only been 30 days). I like that I don’t know who is currently reading it, but I do know THAT people are. I probably check my Amazon book sales and lending library graph more than I do my social media pages and I love watching people read more pages in the lending library. The great thing about a book is, no one has to know you are reading it (especially my male audience), so you can slip it into your nightstand before you fall asleep. I like the solidity of writing–that I can write something and fifty years later, I might run into someone who could read it. Like Emily Dickinson reminds us, writing makes us eternal and once something is put down, especially on the internet, it stays forever. I like watching the magic of the random, chaotic, and completely intentional Internet spread. It’s always really interesting to hear how people stumbled across my book, my blog, or my video, and what their reactions were.

Most of all, I think I like hearing everyone else’s break up stories, because we can find so many universal themes in them: the unraveling of the relationship, the feelings of guilt and shame, the realizations that you were the worst possible matches for each other. I love hearing how people are working through their own personal narratives as they read mine. If your one and only epiphany is that you have no need to ever talk to that ex- again, then I have done my job.

Thank you to all of my supporters, sharers, and readers who have made the last 30 days so interesting!

(And, don’t forget to go to Amazon for your FREE download today and tomorrow)

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