My Top 10 Favorite Posts of All Time

If you need some reading for your snowy-eve, here are my top 10 favorite posts (in no particular order):

  1. The Virtue of Grace
  2. My Break Up Project: How I Survived a 6-Year Relationship Break Up in One Year
  3. “The Truth Will Set You Free”
  4. #ReclaimDating: Why You’ll Find Me on Tinder
  5. The Hidden Treasures of an English Major
  6. Why I Think Every 20-Something Should Travel
  7. John the Baptist & Social Tactfulness
  8. 10 Reasons Why Proctoring Standardized Testing is the Bane of My Teaching Existence
  9. Black Friday Shopping and Why Our Society is Morally Corrupt
  10. Giving Love ❤

(Ok, so I really couldn’t pick my top ten, so here are my next 10 favorites)

  1. The Corrupt Nature of Criticism
  2. My Connection to Jana Kramer’s New Song ‘I Got the Boy’
  3. How Coaching Infiltrates My Teaching
  4. The Ebb and Flow of Time
  5. What Death Brings
  6. G-O-Double S-I-P
  7. I Hate Dating, Part II
  8. Sense of Self
  9. Get a Job, Get a Backbone, and Get an Opinion
  10. (This is the viewer favorite): “I’m 25, and Divorced”

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