Congratulations, Christiane & Logan


I’m really excited to announce Christiane and Logan’s engagement because now I can finally dump that maid-of-honor speech that’s been ruminating in my head for the last three years (and, for the record, I haven’t been asked to be the maid-of-honor but I’m writing this speech anyways).

As many of you know, Christiane, Logan, and I have a very special relationship. I’m the pest they can’t get rid of. About three years ago, I needed a place to stay; Christiane and Logan wanted cheaper rent, so they took me in. I left and came back, and we’ve been together ever since (honestly, what’s probably going to happen is, they will get married, buy their own house; I’ll get married, and we’ll all end up living together anyways).

Throughout the last three years, I’ve been honored to witness Christiane and Logan grow, both individually and together. I’ll be honest–the first time I met Logan, I wasn’t quite sure about him. He came over to my mom’s house for dinner, sat there hunched over, and piled the food into his mouth. But, over the last few years, as I’ve gotten to know him and watched him mature into a gentleman, I could not pick a better match for my sister. I wouldn’t necessarily say Logan is “nice” (only because he sends me pictures of dead mice and other inappropriate things he knows will rattle me), but he is caring, genuine, loyal, intelligent, and really good at pulling me out of the snow.

As for my sister, she makes me a better person every single day, and I am so fortunate to be graced by her presence. She is perhaps the most selfless person I have ever met; her one worry in planning the wedding is, “What will we do with the dogs?!” There are many times I come home from a stressful week, and she has cooked, cleaned, and done my laundry without being asked. She has a knack for teaching, and I learn so much from her about discipline, how students develop, and loving unconditionally. She has a great sense of humor; as Oscar Wilde once said, “life is far too important a thing to ever take seriously”, and its never a dull moment in our house–everything from speaking in our own language to wearing footie pajamas and heating up the house to going on road trips and starting dance parties. My faith in humanity is always restored when I see Christiane; this world is a better place because of her.

While I always had an inkling, I knew Christiane and Logan would get married last year. I believe that God often presents couples with some kind of obstacle to overcome, to test whether or not their relationship can withstand the condition we call “life”. Last April, my grandpa passed away, and a few months later, Logan’s aunt passed away, and I knew they would make it when I saw how they took care of each other in both of these instances. They were each other’s confidants, shoulders to cry on, buffers, chauffeur’s, caretakers. Never did they question the support they would offer each other; they were just there.

I’ve been so blessed to be a bystander to Christiane and Logan’s relationship. Coming out of my own extremely dysfunctional relationship, I’ve really appreciated watching how they work; I’ve learned so much about how couples should treat each other, how they should make amends, what kind of sacrificies are important (if you’ve read my book, you’ll know I’ve done a lot of “W.W.B.D” role playing (what would Britany do) by watching Christiane and Logan). Of course, like in any relationship, theirs has not always been easy. They have undergone struggles, disagreements, they’ve questioned each other. They one time got in an argument about the size of the chicken eggs, Logan went to the garage, Christiane piddled around in the kitchen, and I was stuck in my room. Avoiding the awkward situation, I ended up climbing through my window, onto the roof, and slipping out. But, a lot can be said about how couples fight, and Christiane and Logan are never mad for too long.

While now I will DEFINITELY be the awkward third wheel, I’m really excited for Christiane and Logan to embark upon this next adventure together. I commend Christiane, because I think this is the life she has always wanted, I thank Logan for taking such great care of her, and I know their love for each other will only continue to grow.

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