Things I’d Rather Be Doing (Other Than Dating)

Taking a break by playing online games

I manage people all day, so when I come home, sometimes the last thing I want to do is manage more people. Going to websites and playing games, such as those found on, always offers me a pleasant escape (plus, the colorful graphics are always so mesmerizing). The bgo chat rooms can also be a welcoming community–I don’t like taking my work home with me, so I enjoy being able to kick back and chat with other people who talk about things besides work.  When I’m playing games, such as on bgo, BoyleBingo and New Look Bingo, I find myself getting really drawn into the analytical nature of the games. In my head, I’m trying to figure out probabilities, keeping track of cards, and it feels really, really good when I win–my competitive and analytical nature comes out, and through tracking my reactions, I can learn something new about myself.


Building my resume

Being single means that I can spend the time I would-be working on a relationship on building my resume. I think that there are people in society who get married, then build their careers, and people who build their careers, and then get married, and we need both paths so we can support the other. I just happen to be on the path where I’m building my career. This allows me to take up extra responsibilities, attend extra trainings, apply for extra positions. I can sign up for late night duties, come in on Saturday, with the mentality that, when I do have a relationship to work on, I’ve already put in my time card, and I can invest my energy there instead.

Exploring and going on adventures

When I’m 50 years old, I never want to look back and say, “I wish I would have done that, I wish I would have traveled there, I wish I would have accomplished that”. I think this is where some mid-life crises come from. Suddenly, people turn 30, or 35, or 50, and they realize they never accomplished anything they hoped to do, time is running out, and their lives are actually meaningless. I never want to have that feeling, so I want to make sure I’m embarking on as many adventures as possible. Plus, since there is no one really for me to take care of right now, it doesn’t really matter if I hurt myself in the process. Of course, these adventures could be from behind my computer screen, in my backyard, driving on my way to work, or grander adventures that take me physically away.

Investing in myself 

The great thing about being a single person is that I can learn about myself without worrying about someone else. I believe that part of dating IS learning about yourself, and I’ve met many, many individuals who are 28, meet their significant other, and know right away they shall be married, in part, I think, because they know themselves SO well that they know what works for them, and what doesn’t work. I think one way we can learn about ourselves is by tracking our responses to stimuli. Sometimes, it is not until I am in those bingo chat rooms that I realize how much I needed an escape from my every day life.


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