Top 10 Posts of 2016

…originally, I was going to do a post, dedicated to my Top 10 Best Moments of 2016 (being on stage at CoCo Bongo’s in Cancun as #1), but realized I’d be the only person who’d delight in reading that. So instead, here are your Top 10 Posts of 2016:

10.The Big D (Divorce)

9. The Disadvantages of Being Single (Part II)

8. Along the Road Towards Love

7. When You Are at the End of Your Dating Rope…

6. Social Contracts Between Men & Women

5. Top Reasons You Probably Got Rejected

4. 5 Reasons I Choose to Be Single

3. To My Future Husband–This I Vow to Thee Today

2. What It Means to “Always Stay Humble & Kind”

1. 15 Ways I Maintain Happiness

…and here are some, what I think should be, Honorable Mentions:

1.Things To Talk about with Other People (Other than Other People)

2.Questions I Wish It Were Socially Acceptable to Ask on a First Date

3.How Capitalism is Ruining Art

4. The Racism that is Infecting America

5.Critically Thinking is Just Good for the Soul

6.The Beauty of Death

7.Transits of Love

8.To Be Free from Attachments

9.Why Nice Guys Finish Last

10.That Sophie Mol Incident

Happy reading, and as always, thank you for contributing to the Britany Ederveen Blog!

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