6 Ways My Life Has Changed Since Watching #LivePD

6. I know WHY the car is probably getting pulled over: On Saturday night, I was driving back from a social gathering and saw flashing lights in my rearview mirror; the police officer was pulling over another car. When the car passed, I noticed the tail light was out. Of course, a broken tail light on LivePD obviously means this person (“unbeknownst to the driver”) is carrying meth in their car, and this traffic stop is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

5. I also know to get out of that car’s way: On LivePD, many of these normal traffic stops seem to escalate into high speed chases (and you never know WHAT that car is going to do–run into a barbed wire fence and book it into a cow pasture, the hitchhiker passenger waving his one arm out the window in surrender, pull out a weapon and start shooting). I’ve seen too many of these normal traffic stops end dangerously, so as a civilian, when I see this happening, I drop behind and get out of the way so I’m not part of it.

4. I am not afraid of the police because I don’t have a record: In my pre-LivePD days, anytime I saw a cop or a patrol car, I might get a little nervous, because maybe I’m doing something wrong that I don’t know I’m doing wrong. But, after watching LivePD, it seems that they are always pulling over the same people–all the same people are speeding, all the same people have warrants out for their arrest, all the same people were selling drugs–it rarely happens that someone with no run in’s with the police and is not doing anything wrong actually gets handcuffed and sent to jail. So, my anxiety is alleviated.

3. I am much more aware of my surroundings: The other day, as I was driving down the road, I noticed a girl, weaving through the lanes on her ride-on-scooter (definitely illegal), another lady strolling her child down the right lane of traffic, and a guy, riding his bike on the highway. Watching so much LivePD has really gotten me in tune to these unnatural and out of place occurrences. There has probably always been strange things going on, but now I’m on the look out for them!

2. Pay attention to small details when telling a story: There was a stop the other night in which the patron first began by saying he was driving home from his brother’s house after watching a college football game where the driver stopped drinking after the first quarter. With a little more questioning, the story then evolved that the brother and the driver were actually at his son’s apartment, in which the driver stopped drinking after halftime. After the cops searched his car (only to find two open beer cans), the driver changed his story to say that he, his brother, and his son were all tailgating in the Wal-Mart parking lot about five minutes ago. The police know you are lying when you change the small details of your story. So, if you are going to lie, make sure you remember which lie you are telling in the first place.

1. I support ALL efforts to educate the masses: I do believe that, if we had a more educated society, we could alleviate so many problems–drugs, homelessness, theft, using your blinker when you switch lanes, the dog will bite you if you run, etc. After many seasons of LivePD, it is clear that a well educated population could lead to less crime.