Book Review: “House of Sand and Fog”

“In my fast, all these things seemed more possible, especially in America–where–as in no other country–hard work, sacrifice, and discipline can be rewarded one hundredfold”  PLOT SYNOPSIS: A house goes up for auction that was repossessed by the county from Kathy Nicolo, a recovering drug addict, for not “paying business taxes” (which ends up being […]

Reflections from “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

Producers and audiences have a moral responsibility to produce moral T.V.: Because we see T.V. as a reflection of our own realities, we bring the things we see on T.V–the situations, ideas, and character traits, resolutions–into our own lives. (As the documentary states), when Fred Rogers returned home from college and saw T.V. for the first […]

‘Does Jesus Really Love Me?’ by Jeff Chu

Sometimes, I read books and wonder WHY they were even on the bestseller’s list (such as ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ by JD Vance), and sometimes I read books and wonder why they WEREN’T on the best seller’s list; Jeff Chu’s ‘Does Jesus Really Love Me?: A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America’ was one […]

The Simulacra of Death in ‘This is Us’

Simulacra: (noun) an image or a representation of something Has anyone else been choked up all week, after watching ‘This is Us’? While often a difficult concept to accurately capture, how perfectly did ‘This is Us’ represent death in ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ and ‘The Car’? I remember going to church the day after my grandpa […]

Is ‘Shameless’ Anti-Christian?

Although I’m a little apprehensive to admit, my newest Netflix addiction is ‘Shameless’; I wanted to mention an episode of ‘Shameless’ in my Bible study discussion last week, and went through an internal struggle as to if it were appropriate to mention such a show in a holy place. The question to be deliberated: Is […]

The Stuff Stories are Made Of

Sometimes, I think reading too many stories can be detrimental to us. Take the award-winning new drama, “This is Us”; what attracts people to the T.V. show is how the show handles real-life situations. Yes, we all may not necessarily have a famous Manny as our brothers, but we certainly know someone who has weight […]

“The Glass Castle”, Dysfunctional Families, and Love

For a long time, my identity revolved around my dysfunctional family. Even if you met me in college, I probably introduced myself as, “Hi, I am Britany and I come from a dysfunctional family” (sorry to anyone that I unloaded upon), and it has only been recently that those stories (albeit sometimes very entertaining) are […]

“The Book of Ruth”, and the Truth of People

“The Book of Ruth” by Jane Hamilton is a raw, harrowing, and yet, addictive tale of a young girl, Ruth, growing up in the small town of Honey Creek, Illinois, with an extremely dysfunctional family, with an intent to see the world for all its beauties, despite its disappointments and realities. Hamilton writes in first person […]