‘The Last Word’

I recently watched ‘The Last Word’, which is a movie about a lady (Harriet, played by Shirley MacLaine) who is perceived as a control freak, realizes that no one likes her, and asks a writer (Anne, played by Amanda Seyfried) to write Harriet’s pre-obituary. The movie itself is predictable (you know that Anne, who is […]

T.V Reality? & “13 Reasons Why”

Like everyone else in the world, I recently started watching 13 Reasons Why. I have not finished the entire show yet, so I cannot give an official reaction of the whole series (it is like a book–I can’t tell you if Edna Pontiller’s walk into the ocean in The Awakening was selfish or a beautiful […]

Why We Love Don Draper

My newest addiction is Mad Men (yes, I know I am a little behind the times), and I can’t help but wonder why, despite his very immoral actions, we still like Donald Draper (besides the fact that he is so ridiculously good looking). The newest literary archetype in modern television is the anti-hero, which is […]

Critically Thinking is Just Good for the Soul

This weekend, I went to see The Revenant, and the entire time, I was transfixed on the camera angles, the transitions, the fog that incurred on the camera at Leo breathed. I loved the complicated social position Mr. Glass gained—agency in both the white and the Pawnee world, but not the Sioux world. I thought, […]

“Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl”

This week saw the end of my Bible study’s trek through Lysa Terkeurst’s “Becoming More Than Just a Good Bible Study Girl”, and of course, I felt I needed to dedicate an obligatory blog post to my critiques of the study (in case anyone was interested in picking it up themselves). My initial response: It’s […]

My Critique of the New Movie, “Interstellar”

The plot: In Earth’s future, a global crop blight and second Dust Bowl are slowly rendering the planet uninhabitable. Professor Brand (Michael Caine), a brilliant NASA physicist, is working on plans to save mankind by transporting Earth’s population to a new home via a wormhole. But first, Brand must send former NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew […]

‘The Happiness Project’ and ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’

Last week, I finished reading ‘The Happiness Project’ and also coincidentally picked up ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ from Redbox. It is funny how life inadvertently gives you signs. ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin is basically a book about Gretchen, who lives in New York and one day, decides that, although her life […]

“Bittersweet” & Some Trending Life Realizations

My dear friend gave me Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way by Shauna Niequist a few weeks ago, and since I finally had a few spare moments, I decided to read it. It is basically a recount of the hardest year of her life, where she lost her job, lost a […]

All that I Learned from ENGL 5580: The Victorian Age

This week, I am finishing up a four week, very intensive course on the Victorian era and Victorian literature. Let me just say that this is perhaps the most fascinating era to learn about–due to the Industrial Revolution, there were many anxieties and changes taking place in human society–and I was on the edge of […]