What I’ve Learned about the Gossip Mill…

The gossip mill is fueled by insecurities, misinformation, and boredom: What happens when we don’t like something about ourselves? We find someone else who (we perceive) is worse than us/uglier than us/dumber than us and we talk about them to deflect the attention away from ourselves. What happens when we have gaps in information concerning […]

Things to Talk About With Other People (Other than Other People)

Certainly, we talk about other people because we want to suppress their power and authority in order to “elevate” our own, but I think we also talk about other people, simply because we don’t know what else to talk about. In a workplace setting, when we are uncomfortable at a social gathering, around family members […]

5 Tips to Conquering Social Anxiety

I’ve met enough people in my life to know that everyone stems from some form of social anxiety. Social situations can be difficult–they can bring up insecurities, cause us to remember our wounds, put us in potentially awkward situations. You might be surprised to hear that, I, myself, certainly suffer from social anxiety in some […]


The concept of the week seems to be empathy. I see it in my work life, my private life, in my relationships with others, the books I am reading. Empathy is having the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes; seeing the world from their viewpoint; trying to understand their positions. In our ever-changing, […]

How I Re-Configured My Image of My Body

As a dancer, I grew up seeing my body as a “piece of art”. I was tagged an ‘Amazon Woman’ for my long limbs, and therefore, put in the back of formations. On my college dance team, gaining too much weight would result in being benched from games. The placement of my fingers, my pointed […]

Defenses Against Bullies: Territory Stamping

Bullying is all about territory stamping. The bully feels a shakable foundation within themselves—perhaps that is how they feel about themselves, their intelligence, their relationships with others, their self-worth—so they stamp out a physical territory in order to compensate for that lacking. As humans, we are visual creatures, and we feel secure when we can […]

People, and Their Feelings

Sometimes I wish people just didn’t have feelings. If you think about it, 99% of our problems come from people having feelings. When we have to sit down with our bosses to discuss “a comment we made to another co-worker”, that is usually stemming from someone having feelings, and them wanting us to “hear them […]

“Don’t Steal Her Sparkle”

I remember a friend of mine once getting married, and throughout the entire planning process, all I could think about was how she was doing it all wrong. I was irritated with her flower choices, the colors she selected, the date she picked for her bridal shower. If it were to be MY wedding, I […]

From a Girl Who Was Once Bullied

At some point in our lives, we all get bullied. Often times, bullies target individuals whom are threatening to their own self-concept. When we fear someone might get more attention than we do, we try to suppress them. When we fear someone might be more intelligent than we are, we try to suppress that (this […]