The Gift of the Holidays 

The holiday season is upon us, and with that, comes a long list of holiday stressors, including (but not limited to): buying the perfect gift for everyone, wrapping that gift perfectly, having enough money to buy the perfect gift; bringing the most scrumptious side dish to your holiday party that everyone will be impressed by, […]

To Live.

 “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” -Oscar Wilde As evidenced by Oscar Wilde (1860’s), the apathetic individual is nothing new; Plato warned against it, Oscar Wilde mentioned it, Walter Mitty lived it, Peter Gibbons broke free from it–forever, people have been lackadaisical, uninterested, merely sheep, dragging […]

Mantras to Get Yourself in the Gym

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and lots of overeating, and brainstorms about New Years’ Resolutions. If you are fighting yourself to get to the gym, on your yoga mat, or your SoulCycle/Zumba/weights class, here are some mantras that might improve your retention rate: My body will feel less achey: It seems a little […]

“Why Do We HAVE to Do Vocab?”

Every other Monday morning, as the kids stream into my classroom, and they see a new set of vocabulary words, I instantly hear a moan and they say, “Why do we HAVE to do vocab?” Improves your reading comprehension & reading speed: Studies show that, the larger my vocabulary register, the stronger my reading comprehension […]

Tragic Life Stories

Tragic Life Stories: We all got one. I used to think that I had one of the best tragic life stories out there (think ‘Shameless’, but with only four kids in my family instead of six–and we didn’t have an Aunt Ginger who overdosed on drugs so we could steal her social security check from). […]

A Girl’s Responsibility to All the Other Girlfriends

Stop texting the guy you know has a girlfriend. Stop posting suggestive pictures of yourself. Stop giving googley eyes and pulling him over when you know he is with another girl. Here’s the thing: whether we like it or not, we all operate under the same human wirings (some of us are better at redirecting […]

Rules to Being a Moral Friend

1.  Do not tempt friend with chocolate when on a diet/with shopping when trying to save money/to go out when trying to stop bad habits: When my friend tells me she had a bad day, my first inclination is to buy her chocolate for some solace. When I am bored, my first inclination is to […]

Pick Someone Who…

When you shift your mission from finding someone you want to date towards finding someone you want to marry, you look for a different kind of person. When you are finding someone to date, you are looking for someone who you enjoy spending time with, will look cute next to you in pictures, can elevate […]

Why Don’t People Listen?

As a teacher to a bunch of adolescent ‘adults’, I often feel like no one ever listens to me. I will give directions three times (printed and verbal) and I find myself repeating those directions to at least five students. When I talk incessantly about my upcoming spring break trip to my friend, and then […]

Why Wear a Wedding Ring?

The idea of a wedding ring can be traced back to Egyptian times, when women would wear a dangle a key from her ring to signify her allegiance to her husband. It was not until 1948, when De Beers created the ‘a diamond is forever’ campaign, did we start to associate diamonds as a necessity […]