Friendships vs Relationships

Here’s the conversation that has been ruminating through my mind the last week or so: “But Britany, it can’t be all bad to be a perpetual relationship-jumper. It is through these relationships that I meet new people, am introduced to new experiences, expand my horizons”. Touche. At first, I was inclined to rebuttal that jumping […]

5 Tips to Conquering Social Anxiety

I’ve met enough people in my life to know that everyone stems from some form of social anxiety. Social situations can be difficult–they can bring up insecurities, cause us to remember our wounds, put us in potentially awkward situations. You might be surprised to hear that, I, myself, certainly suffer from social anxiety in some […]

The Big D (Divorce)

First, I must preface this post by reminding all readers that sometimes, writing is a form of experiment and exploration, and that sometimes, the things I say are not necessarily direct reflections of my own personal opinions, but rather some idea that I want to propose and see how people react to it. With that […]

New Dating Rules (Now That I’m 26)

According to statistics, now that I’m 26, I’m creeping closer to the national marrying age of 28, which means the game is changing, it’s time for me to start getting serious, so the rules must change as well: 1.Date with the intention of marriage: When I was 16, it was important to date someone who […]

Social Contracts Between Men & Women

We can blame the Victorian’s for their influence on social etiquette. There are two reasons we created “etiquette”, or rules to follow in social situations. For one, etiquette translates to status, and status translates to power. The more rules I know, the more refined I am, the more money my parents had to send me […]

5 Reasons Why I Choose to Be Single

Here’s the question I seem to be answering a lot of this holiday season: “Britany, why don’t you have a boyfriend?” …so instead of explaining every single time to people the long winded answer, I’m just going to write a blog post about it, and the next time I get asked, I’ll send just the […]

How to Read ‘Happily Never After’

Happily Never After was more of a thought experiment than anything else. I worked as a research intern in a grieving center for families whilst in college, so I kind of wanted to see if it were possible to put a break up (a form of loss) through the same emotional trajectory as any other […]

Roles for Women (Other than Being Wives and Mothers)

My friend last week said, “Ministries and media often focus on families and motherhood, which sends the message that women can’t fulfill their purpose outside these roles”. After interacting with so many 20-Something women, I’ve come to realize that we are a mess. No one knows what they want to do with their life; their […]

Where Is Prince Charming Most Likely Hiding?…

Those unfortunate souls who have been around me lately know that I have been obsessed with ABC’s Once Upon a Time (like, binge watched the whole first season last week, and just finished the second season this weekend). I’ve been utterly blown away by the character development and acting, the costuming and setting, the creativity […]

“What Can One Date Hurt?”

This is what I find people telling me all the time: “Britany, just go on one date with him. Give him a chance. You’ll never know. What can one date hurt?” Well, actually, a lot. One date can hurt a lot. First of all, you don’t just show up to the date, chit chat a […]