When I Hear “All My Friends are Engaged”

I recently realized I basically have one single friend (Steph). Everyone else is coupled off; they are either already married or about to be married. So, when I hear “all my friends are engaged”, here’s what I remind myself: First of all, my female relationships are stronger because we are no longer fighting over male […]

30 Days of ‘Happily Never After’

In honor of Happily Never After‘s one month anniversary, I am putting it on Amazon for FREE download today and tomorrow. Before I continue, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my readers! When I first conceived of Happily Never After, I wasn’t quite sure how it would go, and hearing all […]

“I’m 25, and Divorced”

A few years ago, my age group went through their first round of marriages, and now it seems that we are also going through our first round of divorces. Although I was never technically married, my heart goes out to these individuals, because I know just how emotionally taxing these life events can be. There […]

Goals for 25

Goals are SO important for us, because they require us to continue growing as people. Since writing Happily Never After, I have updated my goals to the following Publish my book: Check. Visit all Colorado CorePowers: I really like structure, and I really like variety. I have my routine three yoga classes a week I […]

Beyond Happily Never After: Rebuilding My Friend Circle

Here’s usually what happens: when you are dating someone, the goal is to “become one”, so you spend a lot of time doing things together, making decisions together, building a friend group together. So, when you break up, and that part is peeled away from you, you have to learn to re-orient yourself, and ultimately, […]

Marriage Statistics are Stacked Against Me

The average marrying age is now later than ever, at 28. Only 26% of us are actually married right now. 70% of men expect their wife’s career to take a back seat to theirs. Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. 81% of us say people can’t be trusted. 25% of us will likely never […]

Cognitive Shifting, in 3 Easy Steps

As I learned during my research for Happily Never After, it IS possible to do some cognitive shifting, and to change our very own thinking habits. Elizabeth Loftus proved this to us with her studies on false memories. In her famous mall study, Loftus’ and crew took people, asked them questions about getting lost in […]

Issues, and Non-Issues

‘Tis the season of holiday stress, complaining, and gloomy attitudes… As humans, we often get ourselves so caught up in things we cannot control. What we cannot control, we can complain about, and what we have an ability to change, we cannot complain about. Things you can complain about: Not having resources Things you cannot […]

“Don’t Let Him Have Control Over You”

This is often the kind of advice we give to our friends after they break up with a boyfriend: “Don’t call him back. Don’t let him know you are upset. Don’t let him have control over you.” Yes, we should never assert our power and control over other people because it prevents them from having […]

The Woman Who Wasn’t There, Jesus’ Resurrection, & George Eliot

Netflix recently featured the documentary, “The Woman Who Wasn’t There”, the story about Tania Head, a Spanish immigrant, who claimed she survived the World Trade Center collapse, and then it turned out, she wasn’t even there. In the story of Jesus’ resurrection, when the clan came back to check on his body three days later, […]