Have you ever been in a yoga class and the instructor says, “We will spend the next five minutes in a silent meditation where you can be alone with your own thoughts”, and you think you must be broken, because during those five minutes,the “meditative” thoughts that come up include (but are not limited to): […]

Living in the Transition

I always love a good dance routine that utilizes transitions, not just to get from Point A to Point B, but as moments in which to carry the message of the routine. Rather than stopping–dancing–moving to a new place again, and then dancing again, the kinds of routines where seamlessly, the dancers just end up […]

Ways Yoga Teacher Training Infiltrated My Life

I began my own yoga journey about 12 years ago–when the only CorePower’s were Grant Street and Park Meadows. It wasn’t until this last summer that I felt the timing right to commit to yoga teacher training, and now being six months post-training, I’m already noticing the amazing ways yoga has infiltrated my life: Directives […]