Should All Things Be Read?

I recently heard this true story about this guy who tried to break up with this girl, and she didn’t like that, so she photoshopped a bunch of pictures, staged a recorded phone call, jumped in front of his moving car, and pressed felony charges. This all sounds so out of left field and untrue–it […]

“The Book of Ruth”, and the Truth of People

“The Book of Ruth” by Jane Hamilton is a raw, harrowing, and yet, addictive tale of a young girl, Ruth, growing up in the small town of Honey Creek, Illinois, with an extremely dysfunctional family, with an intent to see the world for all its beauties, despite its disappointments and realities. Hamilton writes in first person […]

Fate & Furies, Starring “Mathilde Yoder”

I absolutely loved Lauren Groff’s novel, Fate and Furies. It runs right in line with the same themes of loneliness and relationships (much like my favorite novel, The Transit of Venus) that I’ve been ruminating on for some time. As a contemporary piece, the novel runs right in line with the trending themes of this contemporary movement: […]

Transits of Love

I’m adding a sixth book to my list of favorites: The Transit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard. The novel spans thirty years, and follows two sisters (Grace and Caro Bell) as they enter adult hood, the work force, marriage. The writing is poetic, and the narrative structure is a mix between traditional Victorian novel (love […]

Critically Thinking is Just Good for the Soul

This weekend, I went to see The Revenant, and the entire time, I was transfixed on the camera angles, the transitions, the fog that incurred on the camera at Leo breathed. I loved the complicated social position Mr. Glass gained—agency in both the white and the Pawnee world, but not the Sioux world. I thought, […]

Moral Growth

One of my most favorite topics to explore is morality. In fact, for my seniors’ final last year, they had to construct their own definitions of morality. We looked at how morality fits into disciplines, such as psychology, government, pop culture. We asked questions such as, “Is our society on a moral decline?”, “Who gets […]

Why I Am STAYING AWAY From Fifty Shades of Grey

The top of iTunes charts currently looks like this: 1. Thinking Out Loud: Ed Sheeran (no complaints here–have you seen the music video? So touching) 7. Love Me Like You Do (from Fifty Shades of Grey): Ellie Goulding (I will admit, I accidentally purchased this one, but ONLY because I thought it was a different […]

What is “Truth” and Why Rhetoricians are Very, Very Dangerous.

In my grad class last week, we talked about two theories of “truth”. One theory suggests that “truth” is static, and it is the role of the researcher to probe around until he/she uncovers that “truth”. This is often what we do when studying sciences: we want to know at what temperature water boils, so […]