“Why Do We HAVE to Do Vocab?”

Every other Monday morning, as the kids stream into my classroom, and they see a new set of vocabulary words, I instantly hear a moan and they say, “Why do we HAVE to do vocab?” Improves your reading comprehension & reading speed: Studies show that, the larger my vocabulary register, the stronger my reading comprehension […]

Why I Support Public Education

As I jammed to my Pandora station today in the car, I was taken aback when an advertisement came on for the local school board election–if we have enough money to pay for Pandora ads, then why don’t we have enough money to fix the hand dryers in the bathroom? To support a stable Internet […]

Acing Your (Teaching) Interview

Your resume is solid, your cover letter passed the writing skills test, and now you are preparing for your teaching interview! What, next? First of all, make sure that you come to your interview prepared. Although not required, it might be a good idea to bring a portfolio with you–something that you can leave behind […]

T.V Reality? & “13 Reasons Why”

Like everyone else in the world, I recently started watching 13 Reasons Why. I have not finished the entire show yet, so I cannot give an official reaction of the whole series (it is like a book–I can’t tell you if Edna Pontiller’s walk into the ocean in The Awakening was selfish or a beautiful […]

The 5 R’s (and an M) Recipe for Classroom Management

Rigor: When students are over challenged and feel unsuccessful, or are under challenged, and get bored, misbehavior happens. Keeping the material just above their current thinking structures, but still at an obtainable level, curves that misbehavior because they are busy learning and not busy thinking of what picture to draw on the desk or how […]

The Art of Conversation

I always like to, when I’m sitting at a group gathering, waiting in line at a restaurant, or walking through the park, listen in on the conversations around me. There are the One-Up conversations: “This one time, I broke my arm”, and then the next person has to respond with a crazier, gorier story of […]

Critically Thinking is Just Good for the Soul

This weekend, I went to see The Revenant, and the entire time, I was transfixed on the camera angles, the transitions, the fog that incurred on the camera at Leo breathed. I loved the complicated social position Mr. Glass gained—agency in both the white and the Pawnee world, but not the Sioux world. I thought, […]

Myths About Teachers, and Why Teaching is the Best Job in the World

Myth: Tenure still exists. Tenure might still exist in some places, but certainly not Colorado, and certainly not at the K-12 education level. I hear this myth brought up all the time and am wondering who is the runner of the gossip mill still. Like many places, Colorado replaced tenure with an evaluation system, so […]

The Players & Pawns of My Very Own Existential Crisis

During my existential crisis, I did a lot of soul searching that was done in the form of traveling, experiencing new things, interviewing all kinds of people, and devoting a good deal amount of time to contemplation and self-reflection. I had to re-situate myself in the world in terms of my faith and religion, my […]

Showing versus Telling

In my senior class today, we did this (what I thought was really cool) mini lesson on ‘showing versus telling’. I had the students pick two Jelly Bellies. Then, they ate one, and wrote a paragraph about that experience. We read a couple samples aloud, and asked how many of those samples SHOWED the experience […]