My Teaching Pillars

Student first, everything else after: When you walk into those doors, we are here to do English things, which include reading, writing, thinking, and discussing. We only talk about English things. The only people we talk about are authors and characters. While your outside experiences will enhance our conversations, your job right now is to […]

The Best Coaches That I Know

It can be said that it is those we have in our lives that mold and shape us into the human beings we become. I fortunately have been graced by the presence of two amazing women who have made me into the coach I am today. My #ThankfulThursday this week is going out to the […]

What I Really Think of My Job

I personally think my job is one of, if not perhaps, the most important jobs in the world. I believe my job is one that cannot be taken lightly, and should never be taken for granted; it cannot be fool around with, treated as inconsequential, used as a testing ground. At 24 years old, I […]

Being a 20-Something “Professional”

I think being a 20-Something “Professional” is just about the hardest thing in the world. I mean, I have never endured child birth, nor have I ever participated in the Tough Mudder, but I am pretty sure, based on my experiences and my short 24 years of time on this earth, being a 20-Something “Professional” […]

The Virtue of Grace

There are many virtues we are instructed to live by, but for some reason, the virtue of grace has been the hardest for me to understand. I think it’s because living with grace is intangible and unseen. The virtue of temperance is easy to see, because I can physically calculate how many chocolate cake pieces […]

Black Friday Shopping, and Why Our Society is Morally Corrupt

My older sister dragged me to Wal-Mart’s Black Friday ‘grand opening’ at 6 PM tonight to purchase a steam mop, and I must say, Black Friday really brings out the worst in people. If there ever was an event that was embarrassing to the human species, it is Black Friday shopping. We parked in the […]

Other People’s Children

I gained a revelation this summer that completely changed my approach to teaching.  The backstory is that sometime this summer, I was doing some typical Facebook stalking of a childhood friend of mine who recently got married. She had a BEAUTIFUL wedding that probably cost her parents around $75,000. With the wedding came every detail possible: […]

The Effects of Larger Class Sizes

Before the first day of school, I always feel a sense of nervous anticipation that stems from excitement. I am usually excited to meet my students, excited to see the new class dynamics, excited to start learning and growing as individuals. This year, however, all I felt was overwhelmed. My school takes a six of […]

What I Really Want to Be When I Grow Up.

The teachers went back to school this week. As I updated my syllabus, I began thinking about what I want my students to get out of this year. The standards say my students should come out of my class, knowing how to critically think, how to solve real-world problems, how to develop an argument, and […]