7 Ways to Lead with Love

7. Tell people how you feel about them: For some reason, we hold compliments sacred, as if by giving out too many, we will somehow exhaust our resources and we will suck away at the amount of compliments available to us, and so we just don’t share them. It’s like the supply of velvet Elvis paintings–only […]

The Stuff Stories are Made Of

Sometimes, I think reading too many stories can be detrimental to us. Take the award-winning new drama, “This is Us”; what attracts people to the T.V. show is how the show handles real-life situations. Yes, we all may not necessarily have a famous Manny as our brothers, but we certainly know someone who has weight […]

Age 27: This IS Real Life.

For some odd (and probably Freudian reason), up until this point in my life, I seemed to have been living in Not Real Life. I kind lived with this strange illusionary fantasy since this is just a momentary stage in my life, and I’m still young, I can do whatever I want, and I can […]

“The Glass Castle”, Dysfunctional Families, and Love

For a long time, my identity revolved around my dysfunctional family. Even if you met me in college, I probably introduced myself as, “Hi, I am Britany and I come from a dysfunctional family” (sorry to anyone that I unloaded upon), and it has only been recently that those stories (albeit sometimes very entertaining) are […]

Americans Time Off, Millennials, and Rewards Travel Credit Cards

As I listened to the morning show on my way to work last week, the radio show hosts discussed a report that was recently released regarding how U.S. citizens receive significantly less vacation time than any other developed country; as it stands right now, the average American receives two paid vacation weeks a year (a […]

Rejection and Rachel’s Obligation

This week, Rachel on The Bachelorette will essentially have rejected all but one “last man standing”. In preparation for this week’s episode, I’ve been contemplating: how much explanation DOES one owe when instigating a break up? Let’s back track a few years ago. I once had this boyfriend who called me one day on the phone and […]

“The Book of Ruth”, and the Truth of People

“The Book of Ruth” by Jane Hamilton is a raw, harrowing, and yet, addictive tale of a young girl, Ruth, growing up in the small town of Honey Creek, Illinois, with an extremely dysfunctional family, with an intent to see the world for all its beauties, despite its disappointments and realities. Hamilton writes in first person […]

Doin’ The Yoga Thing

Today marks my 60th class in my yoga teacher training. While there is a year deadline to complete all 60 classes, I wanted to witness what it was like to do the yoga thing, live the yoga life, so I committed my schedule with all things yoga, to see what doing the yoga thing would […]

The Elimination Cleanse

A few years ago, I had this really bad habit of eating a hearty breakfast, and then grabbing a marshmallow as I ran out the door, and by 9 AM, I was STARVING. As I shared this with our science teacher, she told me that was because marshmallows are simple sugars that our bodies break […]