10 Things I’ve Learned from Live PD

10. Never tell the cop you had “just 2”: The police deal with drunk people all the time, and I’m pretty sure they know what an inebriated person looks/feels/sounds/smells like (I don’t think they taste them…). I’d say about 80% of the situations on Live PD are drunk people, and when the police officer asks […]

The Pink Starburst Fallacy

If you remember from your debate class, a fallacy, from the great philosopher Aristotle, is an error in logical reasoning; someone says something, it sounds true, but there is actually a hole in their logic/argument. For example, someone might say, “If you believe the world is flat, then you must also believe that Prince is […]

“Break Up in the End” & the Accuracy of Memory

….how often does country music speak the truth to life? I’ve been obsessed with Cole Swindell’s song, “Break Up in the End” because I think it so perfectly captures the workings of the memory; it is like, in his memory, he is re-watching old home videos of their relationship together–reeling each vibrant experience and reliving […]

Run. Camp. Sleep? Repeat: A Reflection of Ragnar Relay

It was about halfway through my last loop of the Ragnar Relay this weekend (the green loop–the ‘easiest’ loop) that I asked myself, “…and why am I doing this?…” (If you are unfamiliar with the Ragnar Trail Relay, is it a 24 hour race in which you have eight people on your team; each member […]

Living in the Transition

I always love a good dance routine that utilizes transitions, not just to get from Point A to Point B, but as moments in which to carry the message of the routine. Rather than stopping–dancing–moving to a new place again, and then dancing again, the kinds of routines where seamlessly, the dancers just end up […]

The Lost Art of Card Writing

When was the last time you received a handwritten card? No, not a text message or a short e-mail from someone–a true, hand written card, where someone had to drive to a store, pick out a design, craft a sentiment, and find a way to deliver–all just for you. Like many things in life, technology […]

…Can’t We All Just Be Honest?…

Sometimes, I just wish people could tell you exactly like it is—instead of the, “yeah, I’m just not in a space to commit to a relationship right now”, they would just say, “my ex just called me and wants to get back together and right now we are splitting custody of the dog so it […]

On Making Difficult Decisions

When posed with making a difficult decision, it always begins with a lot of turmoil and confusion. These things most often catch us off guard, which is why they are so initially shocking and unsettling. We feel stable in our relationships, and then a situation occurs, which causes us to question our confidence in that […]

To Think of Oneself Less

As Christians, we are called to be selfless. This is very easy for us to do in our actions. We can give money to greater causes and donate to someone’s GoFundMe. We can volunteer our time to help someone move out of their house or to watch their children while they go on a date […]