The Memory of Negativity

Doesn’t it seem that negative memories–memories of failure, of embarrassment, of disappointment, frustration, unfilled expectations–always seem to linger on longer, seem to be stronger, need more attention than memories of happiness, of success, of fulfillment, of contentment–positive memories? Like, when someone brings up a situation–high school, college, a birthday, holidays–its much easier and much more […]

Tips for the Aspiring Writer

Occasionally, someone will reach out and ask me for advice on writing. Here’s what I tell them: First of all, don’t expect to make any money from writing; its a proven fact that artists make NO money, and if you are after a writing career to make money, you are in it for the wrong […]

Book Review: “House of Sand and Fog”

“In my fast, all these things seemed more possible, especially in America–where–as in no other country–hard work, sacrifice, and discipline can be rewarded one hundredfold”  PLOT SYNOPSIS: A house goes up for auction that was repossessed by the county from Kathy Nicolo, a recovering drug addict, for not “paying business taxes” (which ends up being […]

How Blogging Has Ruined Writing

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably noticed a trend of angry book posts (Should All Things Be Read?, The Alice Network). That is because I’m mad at writers, I’m mad at readers, I’m mad that the best-sellers list includes shallow, poorly written pieces, and I’m blaming this all on the onset of the […]

10 Reasons Why ‘A Star is Born’ Can Win All the Oscars (IMO)

10. It’s human: Upon their first meeting, Ally says to Jackson, “No one ever asks you about you, huh?” What a revelation, because it is so true–as fans, how often do we actually care about our idols, and how often is our focus OURSELVES–what THEIR music does for US, OUR experience and excitement at the […]

They Say [This] Will Make You Happy

As my Bible study finishes our current study (Lysa Terkeurst’s Finding I Am), and we begin to search for the next soul filling, life altering, eye opening study, what we have found is as follows: “Is your life too busy? Are you having difficulties finding margin in your life to even do your laundry? Join Sarah […]