That One Really Magical Time

A few years ago, some friends and I took a magical weekend getaway to the mountains. Truly, it was one for the books–we laughed, did a couple adventurous things, had campfires, ate the best of food, Britany threw up a gummy bear, and we all came back with some really great stories to share. We […]

Commandments for Being an Adult Friend

10. Thou Shall Make Plans a Month Ahead of Time: Long gone are the days that you find yourself sitting at home without plans on a Friday night at 7 PM and can text your friends to spontaneously make plans to do something wild and fun and exciting. As an adult, your friends have work […]

Cameron Ederveen, Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain & Education

I think I had written about the thousandth, “Sentence fragment!!!!” comment of my teaching career on a stack of papers I’d been grading when I sat back, folded my hands, and thought to myself, “How will these kids survive in the world if they can’t even follow directions?”… As a teacher, I think of my […]

[Addendum]: How to Create 30 MORE Minutes of Margin in Your Life

10. Respond to your text messages all at once: Ok, so let’s talk about the process of responding to text messages. First, you have to grab your phone and unlock it (2 seconds). Then, you have to go to your messaging ap (1 second), click on the message (.5 seconds), read the message (2.5 seconds […]

“…Am I misreading God’s signs?…”

(As a caveat, this is a set of contemplations–a thought experiment, and is in NO way intended to be a final determination) I’ve definitely been in this position before–where I felt like I was listening to ALL of God’s signs, I was doing EVERYTHING He was telling me to do. I prayed, I was obedient, […]

How to Create 30 Minutes of Margin in Your Day

It is no new concept that we all live busy lives, and in order to withstand our busy-ness, people are always encouraging us to “create margins” so that we have “extra space” in our days to not feel so frantic and busy all of the time. Then we might say to those people, “but how […]

10 Things About Love Bachelorette Becca Taught Me

10. Concrete answers pass you onto the next level: On her hometown with Garrett, Becca mentioned one of her frustrations with Arie was that he was never concrete with her–he was always abstract?–so it was important to her that Garrett give her concrete answers. And, to appease her anxieties, Garrett’s concrete answer was, “My job […]