To My Future Husband, This I Vow To Thee Today–

I believe singledom-hood is a very important and unique time in one’s life that should not be taken lightly, because it is when we are able to experiment the most with identity formation, without too many harsh consequences. It’s kind of like being in teaching school–because teaching requires so many in the moment judgements and […]

The Disadvantages of Being Single (Part II)

I entered single-hood three? four years? ago (hey, when you are at the end of your dating rope, these things kind of just run together). I wrote “The Disadvantages of Being Single” (which got an overwhelming response) at the beginning of this journey, and now that I’m a more seasoned veteran, I’d like to add […]

All the Love Advice I’ve Ever Read, Summed Up in One Post.

I see these headlines all over the place: “How to Make Him Want You”, “10 Easy Steps to Be Irresistible”, “How to Tell If He Likes You”…I just read one, “22 Qualities Guys Look For in Woman that Will Make Him Stay”, and it basically outlined all these really vague things–“be honest”, “be supportive”, “if […]

Along the Road Towards Love

I love hearing stories of how people met their significant others, and despite the fact that every story is very different and very unique to the couple, every story carries the same two threads: when you know, you know, and that timing, while we cannot always predict it, is always perfect. I’ve heard stories about […]

My Irish Heritage

The great journalist, Joe Sinisi, once told me, “You have to go back to your native country. You have to know where you come from”. Ireland has always been a country that’s on my bucket list to visit someday, all the more so after I received this fascinating infographic from the guys at The Water […]

I Hate Dating (Part II)

In case you were wondering, I still hate dating. (You can check out Part I here). I hate how much time dating seems to suck out of your life. It usually goes like this: you meet someone. Then, you spend the next day, telling all your friends about him, deciding if you like him or […]

What ‘Happily Never After’ is All About

First of all, I want to give a quick shout out to everyone who has helped view and share my video. At this moment, YouTube says it has 8,698 views (Click HERE to be the 8,699 view). And, I hope everyone laughed, because I was definitely awkward on purpose. I wanted to devote a little […]

“This is, umm, Britany”

There is nothing more defining to your relationship with someone when they introduce you to someone else. It is customary that, upon introductions, you point out how you know the person: “This is my sister, Kayla”, “This is my co-worker, Jessica”, “This is my travel mate, Sarah”, “This is my boyfriend, Jimmy”. That way, the […]

…He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not… : A Rhetorical Analysis

In grad school, we talk about this thing called, “the rhetorical situation”, which basically means, if you make a big deal out of something, it becomes “A Thing”, such as Ebola, the presidential elections, tornado season, and….trying to determine if a guy likes you or not. And, when analyzing a rhetorical situation, we look at things, […]

The Disadvantages of Being Single

“Just for fun”, I went through my contacts to calculate how many of my friends are in relationships/married, and how many of my friends are single. I should not have done that, because it turns out, about 99% of my friends are in relationships/married, and about 1% (which is basically me and two other people–even […]