To My Future Husband, This I Vow To Thee Today–

I believe singledom-hood is a very important and unique time in one’s life that should not be taken lightly, because it is when we are able to experiment the most with identity formation, without too many harsh consequences. It’s kind of like being in teaching school–because teaching requires so many in the moment judgements and […]

A Legacy from Counseling

About this time last year, I checked myself into counseling. The trigger was, I was having a conversation with a peer and out of my mouth, flew, “But I am not sure if that is a gay idea or not”. And, this individual happens to identify as gay. And, I have never in my life […]

How I (so far) Survived My Breakup Part 2

About a month ago, I posted a blog about how I (so far) survived my breakup. After sharing and talking with so many inspirational people, I wanted to add a couple bullet points. All of this is really a matter of perspective: I can choose to dwell, get emotional, be lonely, or I can choose […]