The Mr. Feeny’s vs. The Fix It Felix’s

  Lately, I have been thinking about just how insignificant my job is. (Yes, I know you are thinking, “But you shape young children’s minds! You prepare them for our future! You teach them to be functioning citizens!”—which is all very true) Here is basically what I do on a daily basis: Come into school, […]

Why I Teach High School

I get one of two reactions when I tell people I am a high school teacher. The first reaction is, “You could practically be in high school yourself!” (to which I usually reply, “Yes, thank you. I am very aware of that”). The second reaction is, “I could think of nothing worse than teaching high […]

1st vs. 2nd Year Teaching

This week signals the end of my third semester as a paid teacher. It is a very bittersweet week as I think back to where I was just one year ago, finishing my very first semester and all the anxiety, uncertainty, and guilt I felt about destroying kids’ futures for failing my class. As I […]