The Players & Pawns of My Very Own Existential Crisis

During my existential crisis, I did a lot of soul searching that was done in the form of traveling, experiencing new things, interviewing all kinds of people, and devoting a good deal amount of time to contemplation and self-reflection. I had to re-situate myself in the world in terms of my faith and religion, my […]

Finding “Purpose”

The Modernists warned us about it, and now I fear it is coming true. The Great Gatsby is a book all about the meaninglessness of society; of how, all Gatsby does is throw these large, elaborate parties, and the people eat, and drink, and dance. And, it all means nothing, because our relationships are corrupt, we […]

My Very Own Existential Crisis

This week, my senior class is reading “No Exit” and learning about existentialism. We watch this trippy movie called “Waking Life” which is basically about a protagonist who is on an existential journey and asks the question, “Are we sleep-walking through our waking state or wake-walking through our dreams?” It is basically this philosophical movie […]