How to Make Adult Friends

When you are growing up, its easy to make friends, because everyone you hang around is in a similar life stage; everyone is worried about passing their driver’s test, so your conversations can all stem around how to answer the questions on the test; everyone is applying for college, so your conversations can revolve around […]

To My Future Husband, This I Vow To Thee Today–

I believe singledom-hood is a very important and unique time in one’s life that should not be taken lightly, because it is when we are able to experiment the most with identity formation, without too many harsh consequences. It’s kind of like being in teaching school–because teaching requires so many in the moment judgements and […]

I Hate Dating (Part II)

In case you were wondering, I still hate dating. (You can check out Part I here). I hate how much time dating seems to suck out of your life. It usually goes like this: you meet someone. Then, you spend the next day, telling all your friends about him, deciding if you like him or […]

Things I am Forgiving My Friends For in Terms of Dating

As young adults, we kind of had this ‘girl pact’: if you did anything to betray your girl friends for a guy, it became automatic grounds for removal from the friend group. This included, but was not limited to, dating your best friend’s boyfriend, ditching your friends for a guy, lying to your friends over […]