T.V Reality? & “13 Reasons Why”

Like everyone else in the world, I recently started watching 13 Reasons Why. I have not finished the entire show yet, so I cannot give an official reaction of the whole series (it is like a book–I can’t tell you if Edna Pontiller’s walk into the ocean in The Awakening was selfish or a beautiful […]

Lysa Terkeurst, “Uninvited”& Rejection

My Bible study just finished Lysa Terkeurst’s latest study, “Uninvited”, and overall, we thought it was a timely and relevant topic–as we learned, we can label way more of our experiences in life as rejections than we originally thought. I enjoyed the video sessions with Lysa–my favorite part is that she filmed it in the […]

Girls, and Their Insecurities

I have encountered enough girls in my life to know that girls have insecurities, running rampant. I believe that 99% of our reactions to other people stem from insecurities and experiences within ourselves (unless, of course, an outlier might be an injustice being caused, but then again, that can also be boiled down to an […]

That Post-Confrontation Awkwardness

Subject A does something that makes you really mad. After some time of being passive-aggressive, you finally duke it out. She says her piece, you say yours. Your feelings are hurt, her feelings are hurt. Solutions may or may not have been found, but you discover you have talked about the issue ad nauseum, and […]