All the Love Advice I’ve Ever Read, Summed Up in One Post.

I see these headlines all over the place: “How to Make Him Want You”, “10 Easy Steps to Be Irresistible”, “How to Tell If He Likes You”…I just read one, “22 Qualities Guys Look For in Woman that Will Make Him Stay”, and it basically outlined all these really vague things–“be honest”, “be supportive”, “if […]

The Trait of Selfishness

Lawrence Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development breaks down the intentions behind our actions into three basic stages: Pre-Conventional, Conventional, and Post-Conventional. In the Pre-Conventional stages, we are motivated by rewards and by avoiding punishment; I pick up my litter, because I know if I don’t, my mom will yell at me, and then later, I […]

Along the Road Towards Love

I love hearing stories of how people met their significant others, and despite the fact that every story is very different and very unique to the couple, every story carries the same two threads: when you know, you know, and that timing, while we cannot always predict it, is always perfect. I’ve heard stories about […]

The Ebb and Flow of Time

It seems that, these days, everyone is hurrying up to finish writing their happily ever after. For some reason, everyone is scurrying to find their Prince Charming, and quick to get married. They are anxious to start their lives together, to buy their first house, to get big promotions in their jobs, to settle down […]

My Tiff with Cooking

(Proof that I one time cooked dinner) Every week, as my room mates and I compile a list of things to get at the grocery store, I exclaim, “I think I will try to cook something this week!”. And, inevitably, the week goes by, and the only thing I officially cooked was popcorn from the […]

Some More Thoughts Regarding “Growing Up”

When I graduated college and acquired my first job, I felt SO grown up. I wore a grown up watch, drove a grown up car, made grown up appointments, paid “grown up” bills (which were really just my car payment and student loans, since my dad was still paying my phone bill and insurance…). What […]

Miss Caroline Fischer

(I have to preface this post with an apology. My freshmen classes just started reading To Kill a Mockingbird this week, which is one of my all time FAVORITE stories to read. I get kind of encapsulated and hyper-focused on this novel while I teach it and I constantly throw out references and quotes. So, […]

The Short Story ‘Eleven’ and Thoughts Regarding Celebrations

Recently in my class, we read the short story ‘Eleven’ by Sandra Cisneros. The story is about a little girl, Rachel, and her eleventh birthday. During school that day, her teacher holds up an ugly red sweater and the class ‘accuses’ it of being Rachel’s. Rachel, being embarrassed and insecure, breaks down; her birthday has […]

Why I Teach High School

I get one of two reactions when I tell people I am a high school teacher. The first reaction is, “You could practically be in high school yourself!” (to which I usually reply, “Yes, thank you. I am very aware of that”). The second reaction is, “I could think of nothing worse than teaching high […]