The 5 R’s (and an M) Recipe for Classroom Management

Rigor: When students are over challenged and feel unsuccessful, or are under challenged, and get bored, misbehavior happens. Keeping the material just above their current thinking structures, but still at an obtainable level, curves that misbehavior because they are busy learning and not busy thinking of what picture to draw on the desk or how […]

1st vs. 2nd Year Teaching

This week signals the end of my third semester as a paid teacher. It is a very bittersweet week as I think back to where I was just one year ago, finishing my very first semester and all the anxiety, uncertainty, and guilt I felt about destroying kids’ futures for failing my class. As I […]

Leaving the Crap Shack

Yesterday, my room mates and I moved out of the townhouse that has been in our family for the last eight years. Eight years does not seem like a long time, but this townhouse has been the epicenter for some of our most pivotal moments. My dad moved began renting the townhouse after he moved […]