To My Future Husband, This I Vow To Thee Today–

I believe singledom-hood is a very important and unique time in one’s life that should not be taken lightly, because it is when we are able to experiment the most with identity formation, without too many harsh consequences. It’s kind of like being in teaching school–because teaching requires so many in the moment judgements and […]

The Disadvantages of Being Single (Part II)

I entered single-hood three? four years? ago (hey, when you are at the end of your dating rope, these things kind of just run together). I wrote “The Disadvantages of Being Single” (which got an overwhelming response) at the beginning of this journey, and now that I’m a more seasoned veteran, I’d like to add […]

The Trait of Selfishness

Lawrence Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development breaks down the intentions behind our actions into three basic stages: Pre-Conventional, Conventional, and Post-Conventional. In the Pre-Conventional stages, we are motivated by rewards and by avoiding punishment; I pick up my litter, because I know if I don’t, my mom will yell at me, and then later, I […]

Along the Road Towards Love

I love hearing stories of how people met their significant others, and despite the fact that every story is very different and very unique to the couple, every story carries the same two threads: when you know, you know, and that timing, while we cannot always predict it, is always perfect. I’ve heard stories about […]

The Players & Pawns of My Very Own Existential Crisis

During my existential crisis, I did a lot of soul searching that was done in the form of traveling, experiencing new things, interviewing all kinds of people, and devoting a good deal amount of time to contemplation and self-reflection. I had to re-situate myself in the world in terms of my faith and religion, my […]

Sincerely, A Product of Divorce

Dear Mom & Dad: Congratulations. We are now joining the ranks of the other 50% plus American families who are also divorced. First of all, please know that I will eventually forgive you for calling off your marriage. I might yell and scream and cry and throw tantrums right now. But, someday, I will understand […]

The Meaning of Life: Suffering

All these philosophers, such as Derrida and Foucault and Confucius, spent their entire lives trying to figure out what “the meaning of life” is. Well, folks, at 24 years old, I think I figured out what it is: the meaning of life is about suffering. As humans, we constantly suffer in every aspect of our […]

Other People’s Children

I gained a revelation this summer that completely changed my approach to teaching.  The backstory is that sometime this summer, I was doing some typical Facebook stalking of a childhood friend of mine who recently got married. She had a BEAUTIFUL wedding that probably cost her parents around $75,000. With the wedding came every detail possible: […]

My Very Own Existential Crisis

This week, my senior class is reading “No Exit” and learning about existentialism. We watch this trippy movie called “Waking Life” which is basically about a protagonist who is on an existential journey and asks the question, “Are we sleep-walking through our waking state or wake-walking through our dreams?” It is basically this philosophical movie […]

Surviving Traffic Court

Yesterday, I encountered a brand new experience of being a 20something and that was surviving traffic court. Before I recount traffic court, let me take you back to the scene of the crime. Sunday, March 9th, 2014 (Daylight Savings) 5:32 PM: Boy I was currently dating calls to “have a talk”. Talk doesn’t end well. […]