…Can’t We All Just Be Honest?…

Sometimes, I just wish people could tell you exactly like it is—instead of the, “yeah, I’m just not in a space to commit to a relationship right now”, they would just say, “my ex just called me and wants to get back together and right now we are splitting custody of the dog so it […]

Happily Never After Update: Meet Mike

I have a bit of a confession to make. For the last few years, I’ve been writing all this stuff about ‘relationships’ and ‘dating’ and ‘being single’, and to be quite honest, it was all speculation and theory; I didn’t know if “Prepping for Prince Charming” was actually a real thing, or if it was […]

The Simulacra of Death in ‘This is Us’

Simulacra: (noun) an image or a representation of something Has anyone else been choked up all week, after watching ‘This is Us’? While often a difficult concept to accurately capture, how perfectly did ‘This is Us’ represent death in ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ and ‘The Car’? I remember going to church the day after my grandpa […]

Doin’ The Yoga Thing

Today marks my 60th class in my yoga teacher training. While there is a year deadline to complete all 60 classes, I wanted to witness what it was like to do the yoga thing, live the yoga life, so I committed my schedule with all things yoga, to see what doing the yoga thing would […]

T.V Reality? & “13 Reasons Why”

Like everyone else in the world, I recently started watching 13 Reasons Why. I have not finished the entire show yet, so I cannot give an official reaction of the whole series (it is like a book–I can’t tell you if Edna Pontiller’s walk into the ocean in The Awakening was selfish or a beautiful […]

How to Ask a Girl on a Date.

(This post has kind of exploded into many different ramblings, so I’m going to give you subheadings so you can skip to the sections that are most relevant to you) Audience: Now, this works for a girl you have seen a few times, perhaps through mutual friends, a girl you talk to a few times […]

To My Future Husband, This I Vow To Thee Today–

I believe singledom-hood is a very important and unique time in one’s life that should not be taken lightly, because it is when we are able to experiment the most with identity formation, without too many harsh consequences. It’s kind of like being in teaching school–because teaching requires so many in the moment judgements and […]

The Short Story ‘Eleven’ and Thoughts Regarding Celebrations

Recently in my class, we read the short story ‘Eleven’ by Sandra Cisneros. The story is about a little girl, Rachel, and her eleventh birthday. During school that day, her teacher holds up an ugly red sweater and the class ‘accuses’ it of being Rachel’s. Rachel, being embarrassed and insecure, breaks down; her birthday has […]

My Hamartia: Being an Idealist

In literature, we have a concept called hamartia, or tragic flaw. This occurs when something about the protagonist’s personality causes conflict and tragedy. Aristotle says it is a mistake or error in judgment in a character; as the audience, we are attracted to characters, because they possess both good and bad qualities, much like a […]