Rejection and Rachel’s Obligation

This week, Rachel on The Bachelorette will essentially have rejected all but one “last man standing”. In preparation for this week’s episode, I’ve been contemplating: how much explanation DOES one owe when instigating a break up? Let’s back track a few years ago. I once had this boyfriend who called me one day on the phone and […]

Lysa Terkeurst, “Uninvited”& Rejection

My Bible study just finished Lysa Terkeurst’s latest study, “Uninvited”, and overall, we thought it was a timely and relevant topic–as we learned, we can label way more of our experiences in life as rejections than we originally thought. I enjoyed the video sessions with Lysa–my favorite part is that she filmed it in the […]

“What Can One Date Hurt?”

This is what I find people telling me all the time: “Britany, just go on one date with him. Give him a chance. You’ll never know. What can one date hurt?” Well, actually, a lot. One date can hurt a lot. First of all, you don’t just show up to the date, chit chat a […]